Diva Royal

Hanoverian mare, *2002

Breeder: Heinz Braul, Lehrte
Owner: Katharina Roth, Alsbach-Hähnlein


Don Frederico Donnerhall Donnerwetter
Cleopatra Consul
Weronika Warkant World Cup I
Euploia Eiger I


When Diva Royal came to me in autumn 2009, she had already been successful before with the young Tom Berg in dressage horses national championships and in "The price of the best". Within shortest time we grew together and took fourth place in Burg-Pokal-finals in Frankfurt. With Stella Charlott Roth Diva Royal collected further successes, team-gold in Junior European Championships 2011 and places four and six in individual scoring. The victory in Tesch Inkasso-Cup for young talented Grand Prix horses even belongs to Diva Royal's title collection.

Diva royal has no weakness. With her almost imperturbable rhythm, her lesson security and her positive attitude she scores always – and radiates in arena this great security and sovereignty. Everything is perfect in this all-around package. It is great fun to present her.



Then in summer 2012 everything went quite fast. After place four and five in German Championships in Balve we were in the conversation for Aachen, where I probably had the ride of my life in freestyle test. And it became even better: we were allowed to participate in London/GBR in the Olympic Games. A dream came true: representing Germany in the Olympic games...in Grand Prix and in Special Diva Royal danced and I just enjoyed it.

In freestyle test I already felt sad, that according to the agreement our joint career would end after this performance. Diva Royal was provided to me by Family Roth, but she was supposed to go on ribbon-hunt again with Stella Charlott Roth.

And the pair did it extremely impressive with the victory in Piaff-Förderpreis and with the award of Otto-Lörke-price for the best young-talented Grand Prix horse.

Diva royal is out of Donnerhall-son Don Frederico who himself was awarded to Hanoverian stallion of the year in 2012. The sire from Celle also presents Isabell Werth's success-horse Don Johnson FRH.

The mother Weronika brought out of different pairings further dressage horses, which, as Diva Royal at that time, were sold at Verden auction. Weronika is a full-sister to state premium Wanja, who braught the licensed Robespierre (by Rosentau).

In the generations follow with Warkant and Eiger I further top performer. From the Hanoverian stable of Nandura are the licensed sires Sir Schölling and Call Me Paul as well as the Grand Prix dressage horse Sir Sherlock/Catherine Haddad/USA.




2nd pl. Olimpic Games/team in London/GBR
7th pl. Olimpic Games/individual in London/GBR
6th pl. Olimpic Games/Grand Prix Special in London/GBR
8th pl. Olimpic Games/Grand Prix in London/GBR
4th pl. German Championships/Grand Prix freestyle in Balve
5th pl. German Championships/Grand Prix Special in Balve
1st pl. Nations Cup dressage in Aachen
4th pl. World Cup freestyle in Neumünster

3rd pl. Grand Prix freestyle in Aachen
4th pl. Grand Prix in Neumünster
4th pl. Grand Prix freestyle in Munich
4th pl. Grand Prix Special in Aachen
5th pl. Grand Prix in Dortmund
6th pl. Grand Prix in Aachen
6th pl. Grand Prix in Munich
7th pl. Grand Prix Special in Dortmund




3rd pl. World Cup freestyle in Frankfurt
1st pl. Tesch Inkasso Cup/Short Grand Prix in Münster
1st pl. Short Grand Prix in Münster



1st pl. Short Grand Prix in Heroldsberg-Nuremberg
3rd pl. Grand Prix in Frankfurt
1st pl. Inter II in Heroldsberg-Nuremberg


4th pl. Burg-Pokal-finals/St. Georges Special* in Frankfurt
1st pl. St. Georges Special* in Frankfurt
5th pl. St. GeorgesSpecial* in Frankfurt



1st pl. St. Georges Special* in Verden
2nd pl. St. Georges Special* in Neu-Anspach/Wintermühle
1st pl. advanced level dressage test (S*) in Oldenburg