Olympic Games in London 2012

As a child I always had the dream to ride for Germany in the olympic dressage arena. That this dream was supposed to come true in 2012 in London/GBR, that I can hardly believe until today. For a long time this aim seems to me unreachable – but it then went terrifically fast.

In December 2011 I participated with my student Stella Charlott Roth’s nine years-old Diva Royal in my first world cup freestyle test within Frankfurt Festhallen tournament and took third place straightaway. The meanwhile unfortunately passed national trainer Holger Schmezer suggested that I should ride the mare the coming time. 

Next stages were Neumünster, Dortmund, München and the German Championships in Balve, where we took fourth place in the Special and fifth place in freestyle test.



And suddenly Diva Royal and me were under discussion for Aachen nations cup, which had have already been enough to fulfill my dream of life. At CHIO everything went well: victory in team rating, fourth place in special, place three in freestyle-test – and on top of that the nomination for German olympic team.

From then on the season's aim was called London! For the outfitting we went to Mainz and shortly after the horses were loaded, which were braught to the island through the tunnel. The trainingcamp took place at Family Pidgley, who welcomed us Olympia- newcomer Helen Langehanenberg, Kristina Sprehe, Anabel Balkenhol an me warmly.



After four days it was said: Moving the horses to Greenwichpark stables and the rider to the Olympic village, where I shared a room with Helen.

In the light of the dressage stadium I still get a goose skin. 26.000 spectators can find a seat here. The feeling to ride in front of such scenery was as indescribable as the march in olympic stadium with the German team within the opening ceremony.

I could enjoy my rides in Grand Prix and in special tests in team ranking to the full. 




Even if I had known that we three team rider according to the new rules can’t afford any mistakes, that’s why the pressure was enormously high. Diva Royal was fit at that point and managed to improve compared to the performance in Aachen. With her imperturbable rhythm and her correctness she scored many times in highest difficulties during the tests, in the end eight–best with 76.27 percent in Grand Prix and sixth place with 77.57 percent in Special, our contribution to team-silver behind the British team and ahead of the Dutch team.

In freestyle test already melancholy occurs, that the time together with Diva Royal would come to an end, as with Family Roth agreed before.



It was kind of an emotional rollercoster drive and in press conference I could not hold back my tears. The two small mistakes in canter I could get over, but not the farewell in first instance. With 81.66 percent and an eighth place in freestyle individual ratings the olympic dream of London ended.

We returned home by boat and the run into port Hamburg was again a highlight, as well as the welcome home. My family and friends hilariously celebrated with me the success from Olympia



Everyday life returned quickly to normal, after all I was three weeks on the road and the business at home had to continue as normal. But wonderful memories on a dream stayed, which probably can be repeated 2016 in Rio de Janeiro/BRA. I will work hard for it!  

I have to say thank you to all the people who contributed to this successful “adventure” London 2012! The dream would have never come true without you. - THANK YOU ALL!