I am born in a horse-family. My father Hans Eberhard Schneider himself rode up to advanced level, he judged up to Grand-prix level and he was a horse (Trakehner) breeder with heart and soul. To the end 1980s he lead as a tenant the 180 hectare large domain Mechthildshausen close to Wiesbaden, an agricultural holding - where I started riding. I had to fight for the lessons with my father, that sounds crazy, but he hardly never had time. That is why I started teaching things myself early and I was very critical with my own riding.



After I had finished my Abitur I envisaged the veterinary science studies, but first it was said to move. The domain’s lease contract had expired and we moved to Framersheim, where we baught a horse riding farm, which was considerably smaller to Machthildshausen. Therefore new perspectives arised for me and instead of the studies I decided to stay at our farm and I did an apprenticeship to become a bank clerk. I wanted to study the economical know-how for a later self-employment, the contact to clients and I wanted to support my parents.

After completing my bank clerk-apprenticeship an apprenticeship as Equestrian followed, focusing on breeding and horse-handling and in 1994 the test for master of horse management. As kind of a newcomer I did the rider test and even in this field the master rider test in 1996. To supervise the insemination station at our stud, I added the apprenticeship as insemination technician.

In 2002 I took over the stud and riding facilities Sankt Stephan.




My first four-legged friend was the grey Trakehner gelding Protegé, who was badly injured and who was nursed back to health by my father. I participated with him in competitions from tests for young rider up to medium-level dressage tests.

With our self-bred Katapult I became hessian champion and I was appointed to hessian squad. As next our Van Deyk came and I managed the jump to Grand-prix level. Then Kaiserkult TSF, Ferryman, Dyamico, Diva Royal ...

My success account shows more than 2.500 placings, therefrom almost 400 victories, in advanced dressage tests up to international Grand Prix tests.

Highlights are definitely the successes in several championships. To name especially the Olympic Team Silver in London/GBR 2012, the win of the German Championships and the Olympic Team Gold in Rio/BRA 2016, Team Gold at the European Championships in Gothenburg/SWE 2017 and also at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon/USA 2018. In 2019 the German Championships title in the Special was added and I was given a special honor, I was appointed Reitmeisterin.

To my most important teacher I count, besides my father, Klaus Balkenhol, Holger Schmezer, Jean Bemelmans, Michael Rasch and Hans Riegler. But I also teached myself a lot - less through checking in the mirror the more through feeling. It has to feel easily and naturally, and horse and rider become one. I am fascinated by collaboration with the horse, constant challenges, solving problems and working daily anew, that the horses feel comfortable and that they can perform best.

Therefore you always have to question yourself, as in all professions, and consider new solutions. The best salary is a satisfied horse, which fights for you.

To lead a business as mine, it needs many helping hands. Accordingly I appreciate my familie's and my team's engagement. Not least I owe my horse- owners and sponsors, that I have the best profession of the world!