Fürst Magic

Westphalian, *2011
172 cm, bay

Admitted to Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar, Westfalen and Süddeutsche Verbände

Breeder: Bernhard Ilting-Reuke
Owner: Stud Fohlenhof
Stud fee: 900 Euro incl. VAT





Fürstenball Fürst Heinrich Florestan I
St.Pr./El.St. Maradonna Donnerhall
St.Pr./El.St. Marella
St.Pr.St. Senorita Meyer Sir Donnerhall I Sandro Hit
St.Pr.St. Contenance D
West Virginia Weltmeyer
Bella Benedikta


The very pretty Fürst Magic has exceptional action in his trot and an always uphill canter. But not only these characteristics are truely impressive - his extremely positive attitude towards work makes the daily training so enjoyable.

Fürst Magic has been victory foal in 2011 at German Foal Championships in Lienen with an up to then unique result of 98 points. In his 30 days-test in Schlieckau, which he as expected finished with highest scores, he could proove his outstanding quality again. His marks in training certify a 10.0 for his character, 9.5 for canter, 9.0 for trot and his commitment as well as 8.5 for walk. His rideability was marekd by the test riders with an additional wondeful 9.75 which resulted in a dressage-weighted total mark of 8.66 and a breeding score of 143.

All this are perfect requirements to start a career in dressage and Dorothee Schneider gladly takes over his further training for higher tasks.

So in 2015 he was able to celebtrate, besides several victories in riding horses tests, his title Wetsphalian Champion of four-years-old stallions in Muenster-Handorf. His nomination for the National Championships by the Westphalian Association followed and here he appeared outstanding, too. With 9.0 for type and exterieur he ranked fourth in the four-years-old riding horses stallion class. At the ages of five and six he won dressage horse competitions one after the other and was qualified for the German Championships each time. As a seven-year-old he became successful in the advanced classes.

Fürst Magic's first foals totally satisfy due to their harmonic types with beautiful faces as well as elastic movements with highest impulsion.

His father Fürstenball OLD is an outstanding stallion in breeding and in sport. He was the victory of his licensing, stallion performance test winner, State - and National Champion, advanced level dresage competitions winner and in 2013 VTV-Stallion of the Year. He can count to his offspring victory-stallions and mares as well as exceptional talents in sport. So three out of four Oldenburg State Champions in 2014 came from Fürstenball.

The dam Senorita Meyer brought the westphalian premium stallion First Choice by Fidertanz and presented among other in 2014 a filly by Franziskus as the sixth placed in the German Foal Championships finals in Lienen.

Her father Sir Donnerhall I, National Champion and Vice- Dressage Horses World Champion himself is one of the most successful dressage sire in the world. Round 100 approved sons, and more than 150 State Premium mares as well as over 150 advanced level successful offspring, as the double World Champion of dressage horses Sa Coeur, can be registered.

The granddam West Virginia is the mother to the St. Georg successful Santa Maria by Sir Donnerhall I, too and combines in her pedigree Weltmeyer, Bolero, Werther and Absatz as top dressage sires.

Out of this dam line are the stallions Winwood by Weltmeyer, For You by Fabriano, Fürst Rubin by Fürst Heinrich, Lapallo by Laptop, Sailormoon by Stakkato, Wendland I-II by Wendekreis, Westporte by Wolkentanz I and Wundermeyer by Weltmeyer.

Fürst Magic was negatively testet for the WFFS-Gene!






2nd pl. advanced level (S*) dressage test in Liederbach
3rd pl. advanced level (S*) dressage test in Erbes-Büdesheim
3rd pl. advanced level (S*) dressage test in Darmstadt-Kranichstein
4th pl. advanced level (S*) dressage test in Oberursel-Bommersheim


4th pl. medium level (M) dressage test for young horses in Zeutern
2nd pl. medium level (M) dressage test for young horses in Tübingen

1st pl. medium level (M) dressage test for young horses in Lorsch


1st elementary level (L) dressage test for young horses in Erbes-Buedesheim
1st elementary level (L) dressage test for young horses in Erbes-Buedesheim



1st elementary level (L) dressage test for young horses in Neu-Anspach




1st pl. riding horses test in Kaiserslautern
2nd pl. riding horses test in Erbes-Buedesheim
1st pl. riding horses test in Muenster-Handorf
1st pl. Westphalian Championships 4yo. Stallions in Muenster-Handorf






2nd pl. novice level (A) dressage test for young horses in Bodenheim
5th pl. National Championships / riding horses test in Warendorf
4th pl. National Championships Final / riding horses test in Warendorf